A Love Letter(ish) to My Husband on His Birthday

A Love Letter(ish) to My Husband on His Birthday | One Hangry Mama

You guys know I give my husband a lot of crap. Like a lot. Okay, I could probably link almost every post I’ve written, because I weave some kind of subtle (or not-so-subtle) dig into nearly every one. It’s my way of ensuring he reads them.

For example, I know he still hasn’t read my Cadbury Egg Marshmallow Brownies post, because he hasn’t said “HEY, there’s nothing wrong with eating a full bag of Cadbury Mini Eggs a day, leave me alone.”

And that’s fine… if he doesn’t love me enough to read a couple blog posts every now and then, that’s his prerogative. 😏

Bah, I’m only three paragraphs in, and I’ve already lost track of my message here. Sarcasm is my love language; I can’t help it.

But today is different, because it’s his birthday. And because he went out of town for 4 days this weekend, and it was the worst, and I don’t want him to ever leave me alone with this toddler again, so I’m going to shower him with love and praise to make sure he doesn’t try.

So with that, here’s a list of things I love about my dreamboat of a husband:

  1. Our baby loves him SO much.
  2. So much that he cried all night, every night while daddy was gone.
  3. (Please don’t ever leave me again.)
  4. He eats all the food. Like for example, the last piece of cheesecake, every time. But also, all of my failed cooking experiments, every time. So credit where credit is due.
  5. He cleans the sippy cups every night after the baby goes to bed. (If I put this in here, that means he has to do it, right?)
  6. He has expertly-honed listening skills. He’s able to pick and choose exactly what he wants to hear and commit to memory… it’s really quite amazing.
  7. He changes diapers. Mostly without complaint. There was even one magical day a couple weeks ago when I almost went an entire day without touching a single diaper. (Almost.)
  8. He works seven days a week, so I only have to work three.
  9. He absolutely crushes it at birthdays & anniversaries. Last year, he got me a super sweet, thoughtful, meaningful, custom-made anniversary gift. And I literally didn’t even get him a card.
  10. (Seriously, please don’t leave me. I’m the worst. 😖)
  11. And most importantly, free of all sarcasm and snark: he’s the most supportive husband and most loving dad on this planet. From fighting right by my side in the trenches of infertility, to cleaning up poopsplosions, to chasing a little maniac baby all over the house—he’s my real-life super hero / rock star / knight-in-shining-armor, all wrapped up in one.

Now please promise not to ever leave me again because I will flee to Mexico and y’all will never see or hear from me again. 😳

A Love Letter(ish) to My Husband on His Birthday | One Hangry Mama


    • Baha, thanks! (I make sure he’s aware of my awesomeness regularly, don’t worry! )

  1. Enjoyed reading this and I could relate to the feeling you mention in #3 and #10 🙂 I always say that my husband ruined me for others. Thanks for being vulnerable enough to give us a glimpse into your love.

    • He has totally ruined me for anyone else — I’m way too spoiled! Thanks for reading; I’m glad you enjoyed it ☺️

  2. This is so full of love! Seriously, because I recognize it as my relationship with my better half.The “teasing” bonds us. He gets my sarcasm. My 1st husband – not so much. Congratulations on your great catch!

    • So true… it definitely takes the right kind of person to get my sarcasm and take the amount of teasing I dish out (and to dish it back!). Thanks!

  3. I chuckled at a few..but only because i relate. Love this! Our guys-as crazy as we get always shows up and they deserve praise. ❤

    • Thanks. ☺️ totally agree — the men take a lot of crap, so they deserve some praise every now & then!

    • He hears about the not-so-awesome sides of them 364 days a year, so might as well cut him a break on his *one* day.

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