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Taking your kids to Disney World is one of those life goals that transcends all things, right? Whether you’ve dreamt of going to Disney World with toddlers, with preschoolers, with preteens, or any combination thereof, it’s as much of a rite of passage for parents as it is for the kids.

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If you’ve ever attempted a dairy-free diet, you know it’s no easy task. Milk products and derivatives hide in the most unsuspecting places, so nearly everything feels off-limits.

So when I had to go dairy-free while breastfeeding my dairy-intolerant daughter 2 years ago, letting go of some of my favorite Trader Joe’s items was painful. No more Turkey Corn Dogs? Or Hatch Chile Mac & Cheese? No more Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Sandwiches?!

Of course, over time, I discovered a whole new slew of Trader Joe’s favorites that fit right in with a dairy-free or even vegan lifestyle. And just in time for me to go dairy-free again for my son, who also has a dairy intolerance (it’s my curse in life).

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