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Veggie lovers (and veggie haters, actually) – rejoice! This Veggie Burrito Bowl is about to make it way easier to increase your vegetable intake.

I say veggie lovers and haters, because honestly, this burrito bowl is so flavorful, even the most stingy eaters will enjoy it. And they probably won’t even notice that it’s – gasp! – meatless.

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When making dinner for toddlers, there’s really only ONE factor that matters:

What the food looks like.

You could be serving them a culinary masterpiece of chocolate-covered mac ‘n cheese, but if they spot a speck of something green or ~spicy~, they won’t touch it with a 10-foot pole.

These Mini BBQ Bacon Turkey Meatloaves totally fit the “kid-friendly” bill, because they. are. ADORABLE.

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