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Unique Ways to Host a Social Distancing Baby Shower

There’s no doubt that this is the weirdest time in recent history to be pregnant. Typically, a baby shower would be high on the priority list for any pregnant mama, but in the age of social distancing, baby shower plans are all but non-existent.

But they don’t have to be – there are tons of creative ways to host a successful socially distanced baby shower, and give moms-to-be all the love and celebration they deserve.

In the year of the pandemic, hosting a baby shower is challenging... but not impossible! These unique ideas are great to help host a social distancing baby shower that's fun AND safe.

Because at the end of the day, even in this weird, weird time we’re living in, new parents still need all kinds of baby and postpartum essentials to survive those newborn days. That IS the purpose of a baby shower after all, isn’t it?

Social Distancing Baby Shower Ideas

We may be used to gathering together in a home or restaurant for baby showers, sharing food and drinks, opening presents, playing group games, gushing over the sweet baby girl and boy names, and giving lots of hugs.

But sadly, those days might be over – at least for the time being. I’m sure we’ll get back to some version of that normal some day (and hopefully some day soon!), but for now, we just have to get a little creative.

There are a few unique ways I’ve seen people host baby showers over the past few months:

  • Drive-by or Drive-Thru Baby Showers
  • Baby Shower by Appointment
  • Online Baby Showers
  • Trunk Party Baby Showers

Each method has its own benefits – it just depends on what works best for your pregnant mom-to-be!

Drive-By or Drive-Thru Baby Showers

Drive-by baby showers seem to be the most popular approach to baby showers the past few months.

The concept is simple: guests drive by the house at a designated time to drop off their gift and wave, honk, blast music, etc. for the mom-to-be. The party hosts can set up grab-and-go snacks and party favors, decorate the mom-to-be’s front yard, host a gift-opening Zoom meeting – go as over the top as you’d like!

Or, keep it simple and just send an evite and let the mom-to-be be the star of the show. Either way, mama is sure to feel loved and celebrated afterwards!

An adorable invitation template for a drive-by baby shower.

{PS – my Etsy shop has this super cute DIY Drive-By Baby Shower Invitation up for grabs!}

Pro-tip: Make sure to set clear boundaries for the shower – I’ve seen some get out of hand, with guests getting out of the car, giving hugs, mingling, etc. If the mom-to-be is okay with that, then great! But make sure to discuss that potential in advance, and make it really clear to guests what the expectation is.

Baby Shower by Appointment

Another twist on baby showers in the age of social distancing is the “by-appointment” baby shower. The party host coordinates an extended time block with the mom-to-be, and guests can sign up for a 15-minute time slot to come hang out with mama and share the love.

Depending on comfort levels, you could allow 3-4 different people per time slot, or keep it to one at a time. Party hosts can coordinate the time slots manually, using Google Sheets or another spreadsheet application, or you could set up a “ticketing” system, using a website like Eventbrite.

Either way, make sure to have plenty of hand sanitizer nearby, to disinfect between guests!

Online Baby Showers

We’ve all probably taken part in a virtual happy hour via Zoom or Google Meet at this point, so why not take it a step further for an online baby shower?

To host a virtual baby shower, just send an invite to guests with a party day & time, and a link to the video chat meeting. Depending on which service you use, you should be able to set up the link in advance.

Instruct guests to mail gifts to the mom-to-be in advance, so she can open them during the party, just like she would in-person. You can also send out custom on-theme backgrounds and games to guests during the party, so it can be just as fun and silly as a regular baby shower.

Trunk Party Baby Showers

Another option for a social distancing baby shower is a trunk party. Think “Trunk-or-Treat” but baby shower-style!

This would work particularly well if you have a large cul-de-sac or parking lot you can (legally) use for the party. Guests can park in a large circle, and hang out in their tailgates or hoods to chat and share from a distance.

The party host can set up a few different (socially distanced) tables with stations for drinks, snacks, favors, etc.

Guests can even decorate their trunks to match the shower theme, if they really want to go above and beyond for the pregnant mama!

Fun Details for Any Type of Social Distancing Baby Shower

No matter which kind of baby shower you choose, there are tons of fun details you can incorporate to pay tribute to the crazy twilight zone world of social distancing we’re living in.

Custom Masks

If guests will be coming in close contact with the mom-to-be, you can create custom face masks for guests to use during the shower, and take with them as a unique (but useful!) party favor.

Etsy has a lot of custom design options, as do custom printing sites like Zazzle.

Hand Sanitizer Favors

Another situation-appropriate, but useful, option for party favors is hand sanitizer. Everyone needs it right now, so guests would be super grateful!

You can create a custom label with the pregnant mama and/or baby’s name on it to commemorate the occasion.

Pre-Packaged Cookies or Cupcakes

Everyone expects some kind of cake or delicious sweet treat at a baby shower, right? A social distancing shower doesn’t have to be any exception – just make sure the baker individually wraps them, so guests won’t have to worry about any excess germ-spreading.

Games and Activities

Love ’em or hate ’em, games are a tried and true part of the baby shower experience. You can still have guests participate in games from afar, and either bring them with their gifts, or do them together virtually.

A Predictions for Baby card is a fun activity for guests at a Drive-by Baby Shower.

One of my current favorite baby shower activities is this Predictions & Wishes for Baby card. You can send it to guests prior to the shower, and have them bring it with their gift, or mail them back to her. This doubles as a “game” for guests, and a nice keepsake for the mom-to-be after the shower.

Social Distancing Signs

It’s easy to incorporate social distancing into your decor for any baby shower. Hang signs reminding guests to wash their hands. Tape signs to floor marking a 6-feet distance. Put out quirky and funny “NO HUGGING” and “AIR-FIVES ONLY” signage.

The social distancing shower doesn’t have to be a downer – incorporate it right into the theme of the party!

Quarantine Playlist

If your baby shower will have music playing (and it definitely should, right?), make sure to include some funny quarantine-themed songs. For example:

  • “Toxic” by Britney Spears
  • “Don’t Stand So Close to Me” by The Police
  • “U Can’t Touch This” by MC Hammer
  • “Behind the Mask” by Michael Jackson

Social Distancing Photo Booth

Everyone loves a good photo op, so a great individual activity for guests to participate in at any kind of socially-distant shower is a quarantine-themed photo booth.

Set up a phone camera on a tripod, and provide funny props for guests to document the social distancing experience. Things like: an oversized mask cut-out, a life-sized cardboard cut-out of the mom-to-be, an oversized Lysol or Clorox bottle cut-out.

That way, mom and baby will get great pictures of all their guests without being put in any additional risk of close contact.

The Most Important Part of a Social Distancing Baby Shower

What’s most important for any social distancing baby shower, no matter what type of party you choose?

The mom-to-be! As long as she is comfortable with the set-up of the shower, it will be a success. Ultimately, mom and baby’s health and safety are the most important element to consider in your planning. So be fluid with your plans, and make sure to check in with the mom-to-be regularly as the party approaches.

At the end of the day, all that matters is that the mom-to-be feels loved and celebrated, despite the impossible times we’re living in.

Have you hosted a baby shower lately? If so, let me know what approach you took in the comments!

In the year of the pandemic, hosting a baby shower is challenging... but not impossible! These unique ideas are great to help host a social distancing baby shower that's fun AND safe.