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These 10 items are absolutely essential for mom survival. Motherhood is hard work, but these 10 must-have things will make toddler or baby mom's life much easier!

10 Essential Items for Mom Survival

I’ll be the first to admit that #MomLife is HARD. Like, way harder than I anticipated.

I mean, I obviously never expected it to be easy. But I didn’t know it would be this hard.

Like, dig-yourself-out-of-cement-with-a-plastic-fork hard.

But in my 18 months of experience (read: not very much), I’ve picked up a few essential tools for survival. The jackhammer to your plastic fork. These are the 10 items I actually couldn’t survive motherhood without:

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A Message for New Moms | One Hangry Mama

A Message for New Moms

My baby is about to turn one, which means I’ve been doing a lot of reminiscing and reflecting on those precious (terrifying/exhausting/horrific) newborn days. And upon reflection, I feel strongly that new moms and soon-to-be new moms of the world need to hear a message that I didn’t hear in time:


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Yes, That Smell is Me

Why yes, kind stranger who drew the short straw sitting next to me on the train, that odor you’re smelling is me. I see you covertly trying to sniff around and identify that odd stench, in hopes of distancing yourself from it. Sorry boutcha, looks like you’re stuck with it for the next 45 minutes.

It’s not my fault, though.

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