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I have to say, I’m generally pretty opposed to New Year’s resolutions – I think they tend to be too drastic and set you up for failure. But for moms, I think this one is an exception.

It’s not even so much a resolution as it is a promise for the year. For me, it’s mandatory this year – and I’m betting a lot of you mamas will agree.

The Only New Year’s Resolution moms need: BALANCE.

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If you have a toddler or preschooler of any kind, then Frozen 2 is surely on your radar already. But if you have a toddler with anxiety, then it needs to be at the top of your to-do list!

My four-year-old son has been an anxious child for literally his whole life. I know that probably sounds ridiculous (if you’ve never had a kid with anxiety, at least), but it really has been apparent from the earliest days with him.

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Disney+ is officially HERE, and it’s like Christmas has come early! I’ve spent the morning diving into the service, and I’ve picked out the BEST shows and movies on Disney+ for toddlers. I know when my 4-year-old is left to his own devices inside any content service, whether it’s Netflix Kids, Amazon Prime, or – God …

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Gifts for 3-year-olds can be particularly tough to choose – they’re still very much “toddlers,” but they’re growing more and more into “preschoolers” every day.

At this age, they start to be more into activities than just toys, so STEM / learning toys can be great gifts, whether it’s for the holidays or a birthday.

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