Instant Pot Creamy Bacon Ranch Crack Chicken

Creamy Bacon Ranch Crack Chicken | One Hangry Mama

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All right y’all, get ready for the Instant Pot hype machine! The husband got me one of these electric pressure cookers for Christmas, because he knows he can pretend it’s a gift for me, when really it’s the gift of more home-cooked meals for himself. I’m okay with it.

I was really intimidated by this thing at first. It cooks differently from anything else I’ve ever used, there are all sorts of different modes and techniques and terminology, plus there was that whole concern that it might explode.

So I spent some time actually reading the manual, researching how it works, and searching for the right recipes.

Here’s what I found: most importantly, it can’t explode! I mean, I’m sure it can explode, just like your car can explode if you wreck it badly enough (wow, that escalated quickly), but it’s got a lot of safety features built in to prevent that from happening. Primarily, you can’t open the thing until it’s depressurized enough.

Through all this research, I stumbled upon this Instant Pot Community group on Facebook, and holy cow – join this group immediately if you have an Instant Pot or are even considering one. I’ve learned so much about it, just from reading the posts that show up in my feed, and have gotten so many recipe ideas from it.

Before I dive into the recipe, I want to clear up one thing that almost turned me off of the Instant Pot altogether when I first started testing it out. It’s called an “Instant Pot” and nearly everything you read about it touts that you can cook “a whole chicken in just 20 minutes!” or “a baked potato in 10 minutes flat!” and it will “revolutionize your meals.” I was really expecting this to be a game changer for my work nights, when I get home at 6:00 and need to have dinner on the table by 6:15 – 6:30 before the baby terrorist unleashes his wrath upon me.

If this is you too, then let me save you the trouble – this machine is not that magnificent. If it sounds too good to be true, it is. My work nights are still leftovers or eat-at-grandma’s-house nights.

See, the catch is, the food might cook for 10 minutes, but it also takes the machine anywhere from 10-30 minutes to heat up to pressurize, and then a lot of the time you have to do a “natural pressure release” after it’s done cooking for 10-20 more minutes. That time adds up real fast, especially if the meal requires any chopping, mixing, or sautéing before cooking.

The benefit, though, is that you can do more right in the Instant Pot – for example, if your meal has a sauté step (like this one does), you can do it right in the pot, without dirtying another dish (+1,000 points in my book).

So, when you’re ready to dive in and try your very first Instant Pot meal, take that added time into account and plan accordingly, because I did not, and I had a hangry baby and husband to contend with. I’ll make sure to always note that timing in my own recipes here.

NOW, to the recipe!

One recurring recipe idea from the Facebook community that kept sticking out to me was something called “Crack Chicken.” I did a little searching, and found a few different recipes that I sort of hodge-podged together. With these ingredients, you really can’t go wrong.

First, turn on the Instant Pot and press the Sauté button. While it heats up, chop up the bacon, then toss it into the pot. Stir frequently until the bacon is nice and crispy.

Creamy Bacon Ranch Crack Chicken | One Hangry Mama

Scoop out the bacon onto a paper towel, and drain the grease from the pan.

Put the bacon back in the pan, along with the chicken broth, ranch seasoning, and chicken, and stir it all up.

Creamy Bacon Ranch Crack Chicken | One Hangry Mama

Place the lid on the pot and seal it, making sure the valve on top is pointed to “sealing.” Press Manual, and set the timer to 12 minutes. Since the pot has been sautéing for a bit and is already hot, it should only take 5-7 minutes to reach pressure, and then it will start counting down from 12 minutes.

Creamy Bacon Ranch Crack Chicken | One Hangry Mama

After the timer goes off, let it naturally release pressure for 5-10 minutes. This basically means just leave it alone; it’ll automatically switch to “keep warm” mode, and the clock will start counting up again, to mark how long it’s been naturally releasing pressure. Once it reads at least L0:05, flip the valve to “Vent” to quick release the rest of the pressure. Be careful! I recommend using a wooden spoon to do this, so you don’t accidentally burn yourself with the steam.

When the pressure is released and the pin has dropped back down, unlock the lid and remove the chicken from the pot to shred. Pro tip: shred your chicken in a stand mixer and save yourself the agony of shredding it with two forks. Yes, it’s one more thing to clean, which I’m typically vehemently against, but in this case, it’s worth it. Just drop the whole cooked breasts into the mixing bowl with the paddle attachment, turn the mixer to low for about 30 seconds, then get on with your life. DONE AND DONE.

Turn the pot back to Sauté and add the cream cheese to the broth mixture. Stir it for a few minutes, until it melts into this creamy goodness–I used a whisk at the end to really combine it all.

Creamy Bacon Ranch Crack Chicken | One Hangry Mama

Add the shredded chicken back into the pot and stir it all up, ’til it’s all nice and evenly coated. Serve it over brown rice, or penne pasta, or probably a million more creative ways than that, and top it with shredded cheese and chopped green onions (which I forgot):

Creamy Bacon Ranch Crack Chicken | One Hangry Mama

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Instant Pot Creamy Bacon Ranch Crack Chicken
This Crack Chicken is a perfect Instant Pot starter recipe!
Course Main Dish
Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 20 minutes
Passive Time 5 minutes
Course Main Dish
Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 20 minutes
Passive Time 5 minutes
This Crack Chicken is a perfect Instant Pot starter recipe!
  1. Turn Instant Pot on to Sauté mode, and cook the chopped bacon for 5-7 minutes until crisped. Scoop out the bacon onto a paper towel, and drain the grease from the pan.
  2. Put bacon back in the pan, and add chicken broth, ranch seasoning, and chicken. Seal the Instant Pot, press Manual, and set the timer for 12 minutes. Since the pot has been sautéing for a bit and is already hot, it should only take around 5-7 minutes to reach pressure.
  3. When the timer goes off, allow 5 minutes for natural pressure release, and then turn the valve to “vent” to quick release the rest.
  4. Remove the chicken from the pot, and shred using two forks or a stand mixer.
  5. Set the pot back to Sauté and add cream cheese, whisking for a few minutes until melted.
  6. Put shredded chicken back in the pot, and stir to combine.
  7. Serve over rice or pasta. Top with shredded cheese and chopped green onions.

Creamy Bacon Ranch Crack Chicken | One Hangry Mama


  1. Do you happen to have any nutritional information for this recipe? I made it tonight over rice for dinner tonight and it was delicious!!

  2. WOW! This recipe is delicious! I used a whole bag of frozen chicken breasts, which was 2.5lbs. Upped the broth by .5 cup just to be safe on having enough liquid. Turned out perfectly creamy. We are having it over pasta but will definitely make it again to have over rice. Thank you so much, it’s a keeper!

  3. I made this and we loved it!!! we put over spaghetti noodles and it was amazing! I actually had a little less than 2 pounds of chicken and it was perfect.

  4. I made it tonight and use directions for 8 servings and it seems there was to much liquid more of a soup or sauce. I was thinking it would come out like a chicken salad. Any ideas what I did wrong or is it supposed to be liquid like?

  5. This was very yummy. I used frozen chicken cooked it for 20 mins with the 5 min cool down then I had to put it back in for another 5 minutes and that was perfect.

  6. Has anyone made this with the rice in the pot also? Curious how to make this as a one pot stop.

    • I will next time for sure! I think as long as you use enough broth to account for what’s needed for the rice-or a little less it will turn out!

  7. Oh no…… I put everything together ( even cream cheese) with chicken.. Guess thats what happens when you have crying baby… Hopefully will still work

  8. Hi- my fab kids bought me an insta pot for Christmas- so excited – my youngest has requested a comfort meal so I really like the above crack chick recipe but since I am a seriously new user I’m looking for input how to make it a casserole by cooking the rice with the crack recipe – anybody do this or have experience adding rice to the existing instapot recipe? If not any suggestions on a serious comfort insta pot dinner? Sorry no healthy – full blown comfort meal! Than you so much!

  9. Has anyone made this with pasta in the instant pot at the same time? Wondering if this would work. Thanks!

    • That’s the magic question! Mine was frozen and after the time was up I still had raw chicken, but it smelled good. sigh. I have asked and not gotten any replies. I’m TRYING to cook this tonight. I ran it trough again… It just sounded. We’ll see. May have to throw it out and start over another night. Frustrated!

      • I’ve only cooked this particular recipe with thawed chicken, but when using frozen chicken for other Instant Pot recipes, I typically add one minute or two (depending on the thickness of the chicken breasts), and it always cooks through. It tends to not get as tender and easily shreddable though, so I prefer thawed chicken breasts!

  10. I have made this dish several times in my Crock-Pot. Tonight will be my first time making this in my IP

  11. I am cooking for a crowd tomorrow and I used your recipe adjuster to adjust to 12 servings. I have an 8qt IP. Would I need to adjust the time for the 6lbs of chicken breasts?

    • You shouldn’t need to adjust the time — the beauty of pressure cooking! Hope your guests like it!

  12. The chicken wasn’t done in 12 minutes. Took over 20 and wasn’t frozen. I wonder why mines so different.

  13. Made tonight with light cream cheese and only 5 slices of bacon plus a little lite shredded on top. Served it over cauliflower rice for 6 freestyle points. Delish! I added a little hot sauce for some spice

    • Oh my goodness, this sounds so great! I loved that you added the SP from WW for me. I am so going to try this over the weekend! Thank you! I cannot wait to try it!

  14. Can this be made using frozen chicken breasts? If so, do I need to adjust the cooking time?

    • Sure! You’d just need to cook the bacon separately in a pan first. I’d probably do the chicken in a crock pot on high for 4 hours and still add the cream cheese at the end, after shredding the chicken. I haven’t tried it in the crock pot yet though, so you’ll have to let me know how it turns out, if you do.

  15. Trying this tonight! My first IP try 😀 I’m doubling the recipe… suggestion on altering cooking time? Thank you!!

    • You shouldn’t need to adjust the cook time for doubling the recipe; just know that it may take longer to reach pressure, since you’ll have more liquid in there.

  16. I was so excited to make this, I put it all in and started it and realized I forgot to mix it altogether, sigh* hope it still taste good!
    **This was my first Insta-pot meal
    Live and learn….live and learn.

  17. My IP says I need a minimum of 2 1/4 cup liquid. How should I modify for this requirement? Thanks!!

    • What size IP do you have? I’ve never seen that high of a requirement — most require 1 cup of liquid. You could always add more chicken broth if you think it needs it, though.

  18. Would Turkey bacon work? I don’t eat pork…. the turkey bacon doesn’t give off much grease so just wondering…. has anyone tried?

    • It should work! I typically drain out the grease anyways, so I don’t think that would have any effect.

  19. Fixing this tonight but will be using chicken thighs due to more moisture in them. Not sure what I’ll serve it over but I bet a baked potato or baked sweet potato would be really good!

    • Those both sound delicious! The last time I made it, I served them on Hawaiian rolls, and that was super yummy too.

    • The Duo only has the pressure button. Just press that and you can adjust the time from there with the plus/minus buttons

  20. I’m making this right now with the same ingredients, same IP, and *25* min for chicken. Chicken was frozen, but I read you don’t have to increase the cook time because the time to pressurize will adjust automatically, and that’s been fine for other recipes. However even at 25 minutes the chicken is still half raw 🙁

    • Oh no! I’ve never had that happen, but I’ve never used frozen chicken. I would imagine 25 minutes on high pressure should be plenty, regardless, though. Are they really large chicken breasts? That’s the only thing I could thing of that would cause that. So sorry! I’d just reseal it and give it 5 more minutes until it’s done.

      • when you cooked the frozen chicken breasts for 20 minutes did you leave the bacon in the pot with the frozen chicken?

  21. This sounds so good! I love bacon, ranch, and chicken! I don’t have a pressure cooker, but I do have a slow cooker. I wonder if there’s a variation for a crockpot!

    • Larissa, the original recipe for this chicken uses a crockpot, so that should be easy to find. 🙂 I was thrilled to find an Instant Pot recipe for this though! I have it cooking right now! Can’t wait to try it!!

  22. Thanks Chrissie. Never heard of this pot. Will investigate! Give my baby cousin a hug!!!

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